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We take your privacy seriously

We collect some absolutely necessary personal information from your shop including your shop ID and your e-mail address.
We also persist all the data necessary to remember your app settings and everything necessary to keep things running smoothly - all pretty standard stuff.

If you feel it necessary you can go to the settings / preferences page and delete your user data at any time. This is permanent and irreversible, and all your data is gone forever.

This might sound extreme, but Backdrop integrates with your shop to save each image after it is processed to your content files. These belong to your shop and are not considered part of Backdrop's data, so you won't lose any images you have processed.

That being said, if you delete your data the images you previously processed will not appear on your Backdrop dashboard - it will revert to being a blank slate and all your data settings will be forgotten. 
Delete All Data

Feel free to remove all of your persistent data at any time - the app will still work, but all settings will revert to defaults and no images will appear on your dashboard.

Is this safe to do for a live Shopify store?

Yes. All files created with Backdrop app are stored as files for your store. Backdrop cannot delete these files, so you will have to manually delete them. All images used as product images, collection images, or other uses will remain intact and unchanged if you delete your data or uninstall the app.